Four Energy Drinks to Collect in Stray

Stray 4th Energy Drink Collectible

One of the collectibles in Annapurna Interactive’s Stray is Energy Drinks that you can trade with Azooz, the merchant in The Slums area. These drinks can be difficult to find, especially for completionists trying to get all four.

The first is easy to find; just go left from the Guardian that introduces you to the slum and follow the path until you reach Morusque, the guitar player. Interact with the machine there to get your first can.

First Energy Drink

While the Slums in Stray may not be a very large area, it’s packed with a lot of different things to see and collect. Among these are the four Energy Drink Cans, which can be traded in to the Barterman for Sheet Music and one of the Memory Fragments.

The first can is easy to find, as it’s located close to where players regain control after escaping The Guardian. Head down the alleyway next to Kosma Laundromat and take a right at the end, then follow it all the way until you reach the dead end with the graffiti that says ‘RIP humans’ on it. This is where the first vending machine is, and interacting with it will spit out your first can.

The next can is a little bit further away, but it’s not too difficult to locate. From where the first can is, head back to Grandma Clothing and jump up the AC units towards the robot musician that’s sat watching TV, and then move straight up from there. A balcony on the side of this building will have a vending machine on it, and interacting with it will give you your second can.

Second Energy Drink

There are four energy drink cans to collect in STRAY and each can reveals a human memory in The Slums. These memories can help you complete two of the side quests for the game such as restoring B-12’s memory and finding music sheets for Morusque and by completing these you will unlock two of the trophies in the game. Energy Drinks can be purchased from vending machines and are a key collectable to get your hands on for these important side quests.

The first Energy Drink can is located at the start of the chapter and is easy to find. After parting ways with The Guardian, head down the steps and to the left where you will encounter musician XY, this machine has the light on, interact and it will spit out the can. Continue down this alleyway and find the next machine on a balcony in the corner near Grandma Clothing. This machine looks like it doesn’t work but interact and it will spit out your second can.

Third Energy Drink

In Stray, the post-apoclyptic cyberpunk game from developer Giant Squid, traditional currencies like dollars and yen are a thing of the past. Instead, the city of The Slums is home to a strange form of currency, which players can collect through special vending machines that appear throughout the area.

The first one can be found close to where you first regain control in The Slums. Head to the alleyway between the Super Spirit Laundry and Grandma Clothing where a robot named Rozey is sat watching TV and jump up some side steps to reach a rooftop with another vending machine that gives you an energy drink. This is located next to a piece of graffiti reading RIP Humans.

Players can collect up to four of these energy drinks throughout The Slums and trade them with the local merchant Azooz to get two big collectibles, a memory of B-12 and a sheet music for Morusque. Check out the guides linked above to learn how to find all four of these vending machine locations.

Fourth Energy Drink

Stray’s first big area, The Slums, is a multi-layered mini-city filled with plenty of things to collect. Some of these are easy to spot, but others will evade even the most diligent of cat parkour hunters. The game’s four energy drinks, for example, aren’t exactly the most obvious collectible to find.

The energy drinks act as the Slums’ crude form of currency, and can be traded in with local trader Azooz. He’ll sell players two major collectibles in return — a B12 memory and a piece of Sheet Music for Morusque.

The fourth energy drink is the trickiest of the bunch, but it shouldn’t prove too much of a challenge for determined players. Travel back to the dead end where you first entered The Slums at the end of chapter three. This time, look down at the sidewalk and spot a robot named Heptor sat watching TV at the bottom of some stairs. Head up these stairs and jump over the AC units to spot a balcony above the robot, which houses the final Vending Machine that will give you the drink.

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