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Stray Release Date Revealed

Developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive, Stray is a cyberpunk adventure game that takes place in a futuristic world. It’s also a timed console exclusive for PlayStation.

During the PlayStation State of Play event today, it was announced that the cat-based adventure would release on July 19 for PS4 and PS5. It will launch on Steam as well with a 10% discount.


The PS4 is a fourth-generation home video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released on November 15, 2013. It is the successor to the PlayStation 3 (PS3), which launched in 2006 and the PlayStation 2 (PS2), which launched in 1994.

The PS4 was released in Europe on 29 November 2013, two weeks after its release in the US, during a press conference at gaming shindig Gamescom 2013. This is in line with other releases of new consoles and video games, which tend to come out at different times around the world depending on retail practices and local titles being ready. This is also why a lot of video game release dates tend to leak out early, either through companies screwing up and sending out review copies early or through mom and pop shops willing to break street date. These early release dates are then posted on Twitter and other social media sites, often with the incorrect date in brackets.


The PS5 launched on November 12 in North America, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and New Zealand. The console hit stores in the rest of the world one week later. The launch was the start of a new generation of consoles, alongside Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S.

In the months leading up to the console’s release, fans were greeted with a host of major titles. Assassin’s Creed Mirage brought back the franchise’s parkour and stealth roots, tactical RPG fans had Disgaea 7, and anime fans were given Sword Art Online: Last Recollection.

If Sony follows a similar pattern as previous console generations, the company could announce a PS5 Slim this summer and release it in 2023. This would put the console’s mid-generation upgrade three years after its debut, putting it in line with other console upgrades. This would also mean that it would likely launch in November, fitting with the timing of past launches. For reference, the PS4 Slim was released three years after its predecessor.

Xbox One

After a rather rocky start to the console wars, Microsoft has finally revealed when its Xbox One will launch. The software giant has confirmed that the next generation console will arrive on 22 November in the US, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain and the UK.

After some initial confusion about the always-online nature of the console, followed by outcry over DRM shenanigans, Microsoft eventually reversed this policy. The company also offered gamers the freedom to resell games.

Phil Spencer has recently made a big deal about the Xbox Series X and S being in stock close to release, so it’s unlikely that there will be any issues with supply. The Xbox One will also offer gamers a week later release than Sony’s PlayStation 4 in the US, but a week earlier in Europe. This should make for a great battleground in the battle of the Next Gen consoles.

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